What is the Number 1 Direct Selling Company?

Amway has been the leader in direct sales for the past few decades, and has established strong roots in more than 100 countries. The Top 100 Direct Selling Companies have changed the face of the direct selling market, and now let us know about the 10 largest direct sales companies on the planet. Amway deals with nutrition, beauty and home appliances, while Vorwerk, a German direct sales company based on the party plan, operates in more than 15 countries. Founded in 1989, Coway is a South Korean company selling purifying appliances for the home.

Mary Kay is another cosmetic and personal care (MLM) product that was present in the top 10 direct sales companies in the world. Nu Skin started in 1984 in Utah, USA. In order to ensure the integrity of the Global 100 list, DSN instituted the Revenue Certification Form (RCF). The RCF requires that all private companies have their revenue number validated by the CEO and certified by a qualified agent (either in the applicant company or an independent external source).

DSN believes that any company acting in a way that justifies identification and recognition as one of the 100 companies in the Global 100 would proudly share its revenue number in a way that is considered fair to all. The success of these companies is also a factor contributing to consumers' favourable attitude towards the direct sales industry. About 56% of the world's top 100 direct selling companies belong to the U. S., ensuring a high acceptance rate of the MLM industry in the U.

S., and also as a source of income. When comparing MLM's top 100 companies list with historical data, some of the companies show a higher growth rate, while some have experienced negative growth. However, with better prospecting and marketing tools, these companies will find subtle shifts in growth peaks. Epixel MLM Software has helped more than 100 network marketing companies succeed by automating their business processes in more than 88 countries. Let Epixel MLM Platform revolutionize your MLM business with 100+ proven features intelligently optimized for small, medium and large businesses.

The direct sales business is one of the most popular business models in the world, with entrepreneurs hiring independent people to offer related products and services directly to customers. In the United States alone, there are more than 6 million part-time sellers and more than 1 million full-time sellers to deal with an estimated 36.9 million customers. Amway is one of the leading global direct selling companies that has expanded its business to more than 100 countries around the world with sub-brands such as XS Energy, Atmosphere, eSpring, Artistry, Nutrilite, Glister and Amway Home. Amway focuses on beauty, health, personal care products, home care products and energy products such as vitamin and mineral supplements. Their products are popular among both men and women. Natura & Co is a global single-tier model that has extended its product presence to 73 countries through 3200 stores, an online website and 1.7 million consultants.

It is associated with cosmetics industry and deals with manufacture and sale of unique eco-friendly product line that includes hair care, perfumes, cosmetics, sunscreens and household items. Vorwerk is a limited liability company that operates as a single-tier model and has extended its global reach to 70 countries with 633128 sales representatives. Coway is a premium brand that has a product reach of more than 6 million customers and ranks fifth on list of top 20 direct selling companies due to its high-tech products, 182 cutting-edge devices, one of largest R&D centers in world and unparalleled door-to-door service. Tupperware is a subsidiary company that operates on single-level and multi-level marketing models and has extended its product footprint to more than 100 countries. Atomy has ranked 12th on list of world's top direct selling companies with remarkable growth of 13.90% in past year and plans to expand its market to China, Turkey, Colombia and India in coming days. Oriflame has an extensive product list of 1000 products attached to its brand including fragrances, cosmetics, skin care, wellness, hair products, bath & body and health products Usana Health Sciences Inc ranked 14th on Top 20 Direct Selling Companies List following multi-level marketing approach and sells its products in 24 countries with help of distributors who work independently & via internet.

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