How to Succeed in Agency Marketing

Starting a successful marketing agency from scratch requires experience, a unique approach, and the right strategies. To help you get started, we asked 14 experts from the Forbes Agency Council to share their best tips on how agencies can promote and market themselves. Before engaging creative teams, it's essential to evaluate the target market based on your marketing agency's offers to drive the right leads through your sales funnel. Along with websites, online directories are a great way to reach potential corporations seeking help from marketing agencies.

There are several types of marketing agencies that serve different purposes, designed to capture an audience traditionally %26 in the online space. When choosing a marketing agency, clients typically consider business purpose, compatibility, need, and budget. If you're looking for an agency to help you with your social media marketing efforts, check out the Sprout Social Partner Directory to find the perfect agency for your needs. Partnering with Sprout Social can help define and validate Social's ROI for existing customers, win new business for your digital marketing agency, and connect the world's strategic social marketers.

The agency marketing world is incredibly competitive, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't collaborate with your colleagues. There are currently more than half a million marketing agencies around the world, each with their own individual processes, specialties and a creative team with a unique mindset. Many agencies are used to being the “doers” doing the publishing, community management, reporting, but since an agency scales and generates new business, being the doer for each client isn't always an option. Fortunately, Interventus, Growth Gurus, Project Bionic, Kenyons and LikeMind Media were kind enough to give us an idea of the inner workings of their marketing agency.

Some marketing agencies have a reputation big enough that they don't have to worry about looking for new customers. Whether you're a social media agency offering full-service social solutions or participating in a specific social campaign or project, today's top agencies know how to deliver results on social media. However, when your agency is successful it's easy to forget about promoting it and rely solely on organic lead generation. It's a fact that not all marketing agencies have the resources or expertise to serve each client's industry.To succeed in agency marketing, it's important to gain experience in some way or another and find a way to distinguish yourself from other agencies.

Don't stray from the white label and use online directories and collaboration with colleagues as strategies for success.

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