What are the Big 6 Holding Companies?

The six major holding companies, namely WPP, Omnicom, Publicis Groupe, Interpublic, Dentsu and Havas, are the oldest and largest in the world. They understand that they must adapt to the changing times and have started to prioritize agency values when selecting agencies. These holding companies have an operational backbone that allows them to better compete and connect with customers in different markets. This backbone is what makes them an industry term known as 'parent advertising agency companies'.

These companies own smaller advertising agencies and provide them with the resources they need to succeed.The Big 6 holding companies have a long history of success in the advertising industry. They have been able to stay ahead of the competition by staying up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies. This has enabled them to remain competitive and provide their clients with the best possible services.The Big 6 holding companies are constantly innovating and adapting to the changing times. They are always looking for new ways to improve their services and stay ahead of their competitors.

This is why they are considered one of the most influential players in the advertising industry.

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