The Big Five Advertising Agencies: Who are the Largest Companies in the World?

Everyone thinks they know who the biggest marketing companies in the world are, and you may be familiar with some of the famous agencies like BBDO, Havas or Grey. But would it surprise you if I told you that those agencies don't even make it to our top 10? Let's take a look at the three largest advertising companies in the world.Carat is a full-service media buying and planning agency that seeks to redefine media for today's most innovative clients. The agency is consistently at the top of the RECMA Global Qualitative Assessment Ranking and serves clients in 150 countries with more than 10,000 talented employees. Carat is also the largest agency in the Dentsu Aegis network in terms of annual revenues.Walter Thompson is the world's best-known marketing agency and has been creating creative solutions that make brands last for more than 150 years.

JWT, a true global agency, has more than 200 offices in more than 90 countries and has nearly 10,000 employees. The WPP agency is the registration agency for Church's Chicken, US, S. Marine Corps, Subway and KPMG, to name a few.Alphabet Inc is a technology company and is the parent company of Google. Alphabet has a presence in technology, life sciences, investment capital and research.

Google is the world's largest search engine and also has a presence in Cloud Technologies.Tencent Holdings is a multinational investment company based in China. Tencent is a leading provider of value-added Internet services in China. Since its inception, Tencent has maintained steady growth under its user-oriented operating strategies. On June 16, 2004, Tencent Holdings Limited (SEHK 700) was made public at the main meeting of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.The largest multinational digital marketing agency is WPP plc, a marketing brand based in London.

The UK is known for offering high-quality SEO services and digital consulting support, especially for the healthcare field. It is logical that the first place would be occupied by a company based in London. WPP plc has total revenues of $17.34 billion and employs 130,000 employees, far exceeding the number of employees on the payroll of any other digital marketing agency.Oddly enough, the origins of WPP PLC were in 1971, when the brand was founded as Wire and Plastic Products plc. In fact, it was a manufacturer of wire baskets for purchase and later became the parent company of a manufacturer of teapots and jugs.

In short, the brand's early days were a far cry from its current role as a digital marketing agency. It wasn't until 1987, when WPP plc acquired Scotland's largest design and advertising company, that they set foot in the field of digital marketing for the first time.Some of WPP plc's subsidiaries include VMLY&R, Ogilvy, GroupM, Wunderman Thompson and more. The Omnicom Group specializes in corporate communications, global media and digital marketing. Their CRM services are in particular demand for their effectiveness.In fact, while the origins of WPP plc seem to be a long way from the field of digital marketing, the Publicis Group is an industry veteran with almost a century of experience.

The Publicis Group was founded by Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet in Paris in 1926 and served as an important catalyst for France's economic boom after World War II. It should be noted that the Publicis Group has close ties with the French government, which helped ensure the company's success during the post-war period.As already mentioned, an agreement was established between Publicis Groupe and Omnicom Group, which would result in a merger of Omnicom-Publicis. However, the merger failed, leaving Publicis Groupe third on the list of top advertising companies. Despite this, Publicis Groupe remains a parent company of many other names such as Leo Burnett Worldwide and Saatchi & Saatchi.The top advertising agency is the largest by revenue in the U.

S. In the US regional units such as UK's AMV BBDO and Australia's Clemenger BBDO lead their own local markets. Grey is one of the world's leading advertising agencies serving one-fifth of FORTUNE 500 companies. Their unique selling point which has helped make them one of the largest marketing firms is their passion for providing simplistic clear and engaging services that translate well into remarkable easy-to-monitor results.Obviously then the role of marketing agencies and marketing services is quite staggering so companies should absolutely consider potential benefits of investing in advertising services since most of this advertising growth is digital brands are ready to move forward on big projects to stay competitive as they prepare for “new normal”.Publicis Groupe is a multinational advertising and public relations company and also a member of “Big Five” advertising agencies.

Omnicom owns and monitors several powerful networks including BBDO Worldwide DDB Worldwide TBWA Worldwide and DAS Group of Companies. Publicis Sapient is a young company founded in 1990 but it remains one of world leaders in advertising. Publicis Groupe's subsidiary companies offer services from market research to public relations brand creation and definition of brand identity.Hakuhodo is Japan's second largest advertising agency behind Dentsu but it has an even less widespread international presence with only handful discrete subsidiaries outside its domestic market. Today Leo Burnett continues to be known as leader in advertising with 85 offices more than 8 000 employees and member of Publicis.WPP Omnicom Publicis The Interpublic Group and Dentsu have long held title “Big Five Advertising Agencies” title that remains valid.

He has reputation for cutting-edge creativity his services and has long been member “Big Five Advertising Agencies” They are considered most awarded effective advertising agency world with 15 000 employees 289 offices 81 countries Owned by Publicis Groupe since 2000 it now somewhat smaller but still most famous advertising brand world only one recognized members general public.

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